9 Temmuz 2012 Pazartesi


When you face a stronger one
do you know when to stop?
to accept that you lost
no matter what is the cost..
This is what King Arthur asked
to his bravest Gawain
thinking all is in wain..
He didn't yet have in his hand
Excalibur, legendary sword...
he was young and confused...
Gawain said, the wiser one
don't look for an excuse.
When you have nothing to loose,
you can risk everthing..
you'll fight to death..
to the last breath.
Only you can take
the Sword in the Stone
take my advice..
It was Merlin, the sorcerer
who brought him the sword
but high was the price
as he'll never forget
the face under the ice.
From The Lady of the Lake,
cold hands of Excalibur,
with a curse and terrible ache
he took the sword
and gave to young King as a reward..
he named it Excalibur,
legendary sword of King Arthur....